I work as a writer, director and contemporary artist. One of my favorite materials is used cardboard. My inspiration comes from comicbooks, cuisine and social media phenomenons. If you want to have a closer look at my work just follow me on instagram.
(c) Fotos by Massimo Fiorino.
16th of March - 02nd of april 2023: My soloshow "Cardboard Stories" was shown for almost three weeks at the PopUpGallery of the urban-art-museum "Kunstlabor" in munich. It was the first time I showed sculptural works, videoart and paintings in one show. paintings remix the sculptures, sculptures are being used in videoart. this was my most complex show so far.
2023. Munich Pop Art at the Orangerie Munich. This time the topic of selfportrait in times of social media stood in the middle of my works.  A very personal centerpiece is a selfportrait in brands. it shows the logos of 9 brands in nolook paintings. these brands were my most favorite brands from age 6 -14. next to them i showed 5 nolook drawings of my favorite caps - giving away very crucial hints about my personality. 
Had a great Soloshow at Orangerie Munich in March. Together with artavenue gallery we made it happen. I'm so very glad that it's possible again to show artworks live in front of an inspiring crowd. It is so much better than any online or virtual exhibition experience. Hope to be back to normal again. See you soon at one of my next shows.
Did an interesting collabo during the summer 2021 in Pfaffenhofen. Together with Patrick Hartl,  C100 and Lion Fleischmann we created this cube over a period of six weeks. Every artist added his artwork on top of the layer of the artist before. So in the end we did a collaboration piece without seeing each other during the process.  
"I'm selling my facebook-friends to you" is a long term project I began in 2015. I decided to bring digital profile-pics back to the analog world and started doing portraits of my facebook friends. After some years I now have collected the analog data of 100 human beings that I'm selling to you.
Right now I'm working in my studio on a new black portrait series. Here is a little sneak peek for you.

This is my Litfass-Säule from the Munich Pop Art 2020. All three works can be purchased as limited Riso-Prints. 

The pandemic lockdown made us improvise. So the Munich Pop Art 2020 took place on seven advertising pillars in munich. All three pieces are available as A3 Risoprints as well.
Took part at the ARTSchnitzel 2020. / An Artfair taking part in public space from 20th to 26th of July in Munich. / For more detaisl just visit